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Originally Posted by Hadron View Post
What's a fair comparison? You can quote specs, and you can quote preferences, but the former are only part of the story and the latter are personal.

Best anyone can do is tell you honestly what they like or dislike. Best you can do is see which of these preferences gel with you.

Then, most importantly, go and see/play with both devices yourself, because what's comfortable for one person may be awkward for you, what one person finds garish you might like, etc.

I've played with a One, not yet seen an S4. I know I like the One, don't yet know about the S4 because I've not seen it - I've read pretty much everything, but not seen it so don't know. I liked the S3's specs, but it didn't fit my hands well, but the S4 is slightly smaller and that may make the difference (the One X, which is the same width, I could cope with better than the S3). In the end there's no substitute for using the real thing.
I will certainly look and compare in person. That goes without saying. I have read and viewed several of the online reviews and comparisons, I have hung out in the ONE forum. I was hoping to get the other side of the coin by coming in here. I had assumed a few people would have theirs by now and would be singing it's praises.

Originally Posted by finn5975 View Post
I might be naive, but if you are searching for that good, non-biased review of the SGS4, coming to it's dedicated forum is not likely the first place I would go for non-biased thoughts.

Basically you are asking a bunch of people, most of whom who have not even held the phone yet let alone used it, to sell you on it. You are better off watching the reviews you mentioned (since these folks have at least spent time using the device), taking from them what you will, read the countless articles on the phone, go play with it in the store, and then sell yourself on the phone based on your OWN opinion since in the end that is the only one that truly matters.
Exactly. I want people who LOVE this phone to tell me why. I had assumed by now a few would have gotten their phones and be ready to gush about it's awesomeness.

I have found that peoples passions are at least half the time founded in fact, not perception. I am hoping to give Samsung a fair shake (since I have had a negative impression of them previously). The best way to do that (in my mind) is to let the people that LOVE it help me see why they love it. I am in a good place in that I won't be changing phones till end of May maybe early June. So I have the chance to let the bugs get worked out, let people really get used to them and then after the dust settles make an informed choice. (Usually I jump in and get the new HOT phone on day one ... this will be a nice change)

Who knows, maybe Moto will announce the X phone in that time and give me more reason for pause.
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