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My local Att corporate store has the S4 in stock. I went in after delicious Thai lunch and they had a demo up and running and a nice sales lady said they had them in stock to sell. I got to use the S4 for a few minutes and plan to go back later and test heavy CPU apps like MAMEreloaded with the game Dead or Alive (herky jerky slow on the Snap dual and Tegra 3, but near playable on the A6X).

This 32gb issue is now even more frustrating since the display was great, especially since a tad smaller than the S3. Not seeing what folks are talking about with the build. Though I agree with the S3 view in some regards, the S4 is nicer to hold, not slippery and feels like a quality device.

Sadly, I will pass on the S4 though unless a 32gb version is released. If it is, my guess is it will be months for VZW, if ever. I expect bad news from the my VZW contact, since no SKU code apparently exists for the 32gb version. That is usually a bad sign.

In fact, I will not bother with testing MAME since no point. I need space for my apps and juggling is not in any stretch an option.
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