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Originally Posted by raheenb View Post
According to AppMgr III, "This device does not have a real primary external storage, or the primary external storage is emulated. Moving app to SD function cannot be supported by this device". I also tried App2SD, and the built in app-manager...same deal.

If anyone knows a way to get apps to install data externally, please let me know (without root, preferably). Example: I downloaded NFS Most's 2GB in total size that on my old Evo 3D would have installed (mostly) to the SD card...but it's not an option on the S4.

This really sucks because the system is taking up a TON of space...out of the 16GB, only 9.72GB appears available for use which is very little by today's standards! Had I known this was the case, I may have waited for the 32GB...

FYI, for anyone who doesn't know yet, the path for the external card is "/mnt/extSdCard"...I was able to have Rhapsody and my email App (Aquamail) save downloads there which will help save space, but this isn't (typically) an option for games which have use data files.

Otherwise...great phone!
I've moved your post to this thread, we've been discussing that issue in detail, you might want to read back, up to you.

Jellybean, 16 GB phone, you're not going to get apps to sd working properly without root, so far as I know, and even then, it may not be what you expect.
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