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Originally Posted by Abird! View Post
I don't think it's fades its more like a shadow effect it does say call history when you swipe right and or left for the favorites you can rearrange that as well but unfortunately it will always have that fade/shadow effect to it for now
Thanks Abird. It just looks odd to me, like it is an error. Good to know that yours does this too.

I have now come up with two additionall negatives and my battery is not doing too well at this point. Looks like I am headed for a bit less that the average I have been seeing from our USA brothers. I know this takes a few charges, so I will keep an eye on it.

Now, back to the two issues. First is one in which I would like to know if others have this. If yes, then I may be ok with it. However, coming from the Extreme HDTV world, I am sensative to LCD issues. I seem to see what looks like a flashlight affect at the top of the phone right in the middle. It is visiable when there are black screens, like my stock homescreen or the dialer. The flashlight affect is a half circle about an inch and a half in diameter - again, right at the top. Is this a feature to highlight the upper area when in black screen?

The second and more of a real concern is the call quality. Frankly, it is not that good. People on the other end say I sound ok, but a bit muffled (I guess because I have it on speaker phone). The speaker phone is one of the most important needs I have, because of work. However, on my end, the person talking sounds like in the old days when we were kids and had walkie-talkies. The phone is quiet, until the person starts talking. Then you hear a low level staticy white noise kind of sound. Then when they stop talking the background staticy sound stops, but with one extra little click... like the old walkie talkies used to do when you let up on the talk button. Surely this can not be by design. This has me concerned because I have not heard of any other posters reporting call quality issues. (I have Sprint and I have tried calls on both WiFi and regular radio). Unfortunately, I don't get 4G LTE. I need others to weigh in on this issue. This could be a reason to return, but I need more test time and information from other users.
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