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Originally Posted by KOLIO View Post

For the battery life,lots of possibilities there,however,I'd start by disabling any pre-loaded apps that you will never use. I've disabled about a dozen & after locating a "Safe to Delete/Disable List",I'll probably be adding to it.

As for call quality,I've noticed that one individual that I talk to I have issues with,everyone else is OK.(I suspect a B/T mic issue on the other end)

As per your initial review,I too am pleased w/the audio quality but it definitely could be louder.From some "professional reviews",one would think the volume on the speakers was approaching ear-bleeding/earthquake producing levels.

Ringtones & notifications are plenty loud,but,media audio could be a bit louder. I've installed an aftermarket booster (SPEAKER BOOST) & equalizer that seems to have added a bit more loudness/bass to the volume.
Thanks Kolio. I appreciate the response. You did not mention if you have any flashlight affect at the top of your phone. I am curious if others have this.

I think I will be able to get the battery in line with my needs. I have already stopped some of the syncing. I will look further into what you mentioned.

I have additional detail and updates on the call quality. This issue seems to be exclusive to the speakerphone. When I make the same calls and put the phone to my ear, the quality is fine. It is related to the speakerphone. I have made calls to multiple people and the issue is the same. This is bad news for me. I need a top notch speakerphone. But something seems odd here. I can go to youtube and play some vids of my favorite artitists and the sound is flat out awesome. So why would the sound from a speakerphone call be so bad? I am at a loss here. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

I just spent nearly two hours on the phone with my brother and I was flipping back and forth between speaker phone and phone-to-the-ear. I retract my previous statement that this is just the speaker phone. I also detected this white noise (staticy) affect when the phone was to my ear. It is more subtle, but it is definately there. Additional detail on the noise itself. It only comes on when sound is coming through the phone. If the person is silent, so is the speaker. But the moment there is a noise or the person begins to speak, the white noise staticy sound appears and follows the persons voice. They stop talking, the sound disappears. This is very strange. Does anyone know what is going on?
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