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Originally Posted by Hadron View Post
One thought - are you using a case? If so, is the noise cancelling mic obstructed?

I remember one person having call quality issues for this reason, and it's something that would only affect calls. But I'd not expect it to only affect speakerphone, so may not be that.
Thanks Hadron. It is a good thought, but no case as of yet. I also played around with covering up the mics with my fingers. Interestingly, they still work pretty well. But that did not solve this odd white noise/static that is present while the person on the other end is speaking.

The mics may not come into play here because this noise occurrs when the other person is talking, not me.

Mods, if this topic is running on too long for this thread, please feel free to move it to its own thread. Thanks.
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