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Originally Posted by rushmore View Post
That said, the S3 was also a highly anticipated launch, but had 32gb out of the gate. Catch was the launch was on weighted average, a month later in relation to global area launch. The S3 launch was more staggered in that regard.
Well the 32GB S3 might have been available in the US out of the gate, but it certainly wasn't in the UK where the international S3 was first launched. I and many many other people got a 16GB S3 because that's what there was available. It was still the best phone on the planet (in my opinion ) at the time. The 32GB version didn't arrive until later. The difference this time is that we have a simultaneous launch either side of the Atlantic, and the US is likely to see similar limited release of the 32GB devices as the UK experienced on initial launch.

Anyway, from what I've heard, aren't you lucky that VZW are even launching the phone this early? I recall you yourself have been predicting a launch several months behind every other carrier. For me, it's impressive Verizon are selling the phone at all with the complaints I hear from our US cousins.

I can imagine the S4 will sell very well in the 16GB variant in just the same way as did the S3, although I agree with you that 16GB is getting a bit small in light of ever-increasing app size.

I also agree with EarlyMon that it would anyway have been a strategic catastrophe to delay launch in today's climate, merely to wait on a 32GB variant.

I don't say "merely" to demean your requirement for a 32GB device, but to contextualize Samsung's perspective in terms of their predicted sales.

Originally Posted by BzB View Post
memory is cheap and ubiquitous so them not offering the 32gb or higher has to be a strategic decision and not an least, that's what i would think...
An interesting perspective, considering Samsung themselves produce microSD cards... so possibly not an oversight. </CONSPIRACY>
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