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Thumbs up HTC One Review

I was excited to finally be able to order the HTC One when it was announced but that was a challenge in itself but after 5 days of website problems and the signature part of the purchase finally loading It was ordered. I even tried calling customer care and could not order it that way. They said “its only online”. I got an email saying its processing. I was excited to see that but then at 5:46 am the next morning it went to back ordered status. Oh well I thought it will ship soon. Then checking my email there was a notice from UPS saying a next day air package will be arriving 4/26 and its .80lbs. WTH????? So I checked my order status again and it still said back ordered. So I just sat back and said to myself “Well you know what it would be cool if it did but not a big deal if it didn’t”. At 12:30pm here it was.


After some incredible packaging and the shrink wrap from hell box was opened. In the box was the phone and the charger and cable and a sim card removal tool. That’s it no ear buds.
I turned the phone on and to my surprise there was a lot of charge on the battery. Called customer care and activated the sim card and it was ready.


I love the phone is flat. My HTC Amaze 4g is rounded a bit and slides around on the table but this phone is flat. the Amaze is smaller but heavier feeling. I also love the front facing speakers.
Size of the phone is bigger than the HTC Amaze but its lighter. Yeah through me as well as I kept weighing them in my hands. Its also thinner than the Amaze and it feels great in your hand to. The critics are right you just want to pick it up and hold it in your hands. I sorta hated putting a case on it because its a great looking phone. The coffee shop the girls are like “Wow that is a cool phone. Can I see it?” Its a show stopper for sure in looks and quality.


I was on hold for a few minutes so I speaker phoned it. The voice was crystal clear and she had no problem hearing me either as the phone was about 3ft away on the coffee table as well. OK phones activated and i'm done with that.

4/29: UPDATE: Using this phone the calls are great. the phone app loads no problem and fast no studdering. The search the phone uses is extremely intuitive. Each aspect of the phone section is laid out easily missed, calls, call history, directory and so on. MY Amaze had a hell of a time at times being a phone. They have also used all the landscape of the phone so nice large buttons. Makes it easy using the phone in one hand. The ringer wow it can be easily made extremely loud. I mean heart stopping when it rings. So people who have hearing problems and cant hear there phone ring This is a great phone to choose. The noise cancelling on the mics is great as well. windows down in the car I could have a conversation easily hearing them and they hearing what im saying. Do you know how annoying it is to constantly keep saying what?? Easily hear the phone ring over the stereo to.


Next is the HTC transfer tool. Not a bad idea but I could not get my apps to transfer. This was frustrating but then I looked at what was on my old phone for apps and my new one. A ton of cool things are on the phone already like flashlight, pdf reader, music player so less had to my downloaded. I was on WiFi rocking like 50mbps so it took like 10 minutes for me to get all my apps on the play store. Ok i'm all set now. Took a hour to transfer all my data to the new phone. It uses the hotspot in your phone to talk to your older phone. Its secure as well PIN has to match both phones.


About an hour later my case arrived yes a case on the same day as the phone. This had never happened before. I went with a Seidio Active case. Really cool case heavy rubber liner dark black with anodized blue aluminum skeleton. Took a few minutes to get it on but it fits tight. Looks awesome. The silver and blue. Now I went with silver why ,well for one reason “doesn’t show fingerprints” none at all. The black one is like a fingerprint magnet you can see smears and prints all over the phone.
I fully charged the phone took like an hour to top it off it was at like 60 percent already,


I went out on my deck to see how well you can see the screen in the sun. Now my apt deck is white and the siding of the apt is bright beige and the door is white. So we are talking a ton of glare on the deck. I turned up the brightness to about 80 percent and it was crystal clear to see the display, Not many phones can do that. Its a deciding factor for me as I walk about 3-6 miles a day every day. I also have ped meter on the phone so I check it often. Was also very pleased with the speed of the phone. No glare either and transitions easily to indoor light to. It is a pleasure to view this screen


Swiping page to page of going to the phone part of it is fast and not delayed. It loads 200 contacts nearly instantly and the phone is smarter now. Many times id be on a call and when you pull the phone away from your face very quickly it will go dark. Really hard to punch in your card info or address or acct number when you could not see the screen. My HTC Amaze ugh there was this constant fight with the screen going dark and not being able to get back to the phone part of it because it would goto the main screen as soon as I pushed the power button to wake it up. I dropped so many calls that way. Not the case with this phone. Loads fast and wakes up on the phone screen as well. There is one thing i'm not to keen on and that's the pixelated picture it shows for your contacts. Havent figure away to fix that.


The buttons on the screen are bigger and easier to touch. The keyboard is also larger and really well laid out. The prediction on the keyboard app is fantastic and really accurate. I used to use swiftkey for my keyboard but I think ill keep the stock one. The landscape keyboard is huge and very easy to use.


Speakers are awesome. Now i'm an audiophile and have a really good ear. I used to design and build massive sound systems so I know how music should sound and feel. I loaded up AC/DC Thunderstuck. The guitar was crisp. The kick drum was thunderous, the snare was snappy and the voices were nice and clear. No distortion either. I couldn’t believe how good these speakers sound on a phone!!. Whats also great they are front facing so no need to prop the phone up to hear the music or cup your hands behind your phone so you can hear the movie you are watching. Very impressed.


4/29: battery went from 16 percent to full charge in just under 3 hours on the house charger.

4/29 UPDATE: battery went 1 day and 5 hours with 16 percent left. Now this is with wifi mostly. I was texting some, reading blink feeds, some apps, a walk and few calls. It seems the battery gets better after recharging a few times.

4/30: after about 10 hours of use I am at 77 percent. This phone will easily last day if not two. I am not using anything other than what came with the phone.

OK here it is I know everyone wants to know battery performance. This actually was almost a deal breaker for me as my Amaze needs to 2050mah batteries to make it 8 hours with moderate use. My pedo app takes a ton of power. So after it was fully charged. I checked mail, surfed the web, read some feeds on blinkfeed. Loaded some apps, transferred some more photos, then went for a long walk about 4.5 miles and received several phone calls,texts as well. I used navigation for a few things to. So after 12 hours of pretty average to moderate use The power meter was at 51 percent at 2am in the morning. That was 13 hours on the battery with battery save on. I'm sorry that's impressive. The phone also charges really fast like a couple hours and your ready to go. It also doesn’t have the annoying thing where you plug it in or unplug it and the screen comes on. There is nothing like getting up at 4am in the morning reaching for your phone and getting blasted in the face when you unplug it from the screen coming on. Blinds you for a few seconds. It also doesn’t turn the screen on when you plug the charger into it. It just sits there quietly doing its thing. The HTC ONE even has a notification light which is a soft color of green, red, or yellow. Good Job HTC!!


Storage surprisingly lots of room. I loaded 800 pics on it, 1400 songs and album art, 60 apps, and 11 full length movies. I still have 11 gigs of space available. Tons of space and its fast speaking to the computer. Transfer rates are a lot faster than old phone. Its also smart it will immediately default to the usb drive. My other phone I would have to tell it it either to charge or be a usb drive. Now if I had a 16gb phone I would have to trim something somewhere to make everything fit.


OK this phone is fast the quadrant scores are really high. Pinch to zoom, screen swipes, web page transitions nearly instantaneous. Loading the gallery FAST. Loading music instant. Camera is fast as well. No shuddering when watching a movie either or you tube.


What can I say i'm impressed with this phone. I will update this review as days tick by discover new things. I am not well off so getting a new phone happens about every two years for me. Because of this I really research them. It fits in a normal pocket, its super light and thin but feels great in your hand as well. Its fast really fast browser, swiping, pinching, zero lag. The WIFI works incredibly well and seems to have better range.

Bottom line you want a fast, great looking phone that will fit in your pocket and is made out of metal this is the phone for you. The learning curve from another phone is fast and the buttons are laid out nicely. This will definitely be a phone of year for 2013.
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