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Default Incoming MMS are at a lower resolution then other peoples phones?

I posted this over at XDA but havent' got any responses.

So I always thought other peoples phones just sent a picture at a smaller resolution but last night my buddy and I recieved the same picture at the same time from someone and his was at a much higher resolution. He was using the stock SMS program and I was using Handcent. I uninstalled Handcent and had the person resend the picture so I would get it via the stock program and the picture came at a higher resolution, but not as great as the other persons. I was using my T-Mobile HTC One and he was using a Verizon HTC One X.

I was thinking it was maybe a T-Mobile thing limiting the MMS size, but today I sent a picture to both my wife and myself to compare. Hers is the Nexus 4 and I have the HTC One.

The original size of the picture being sent (after being compressed by the texting app is 235KB and 1909x1080.

My wife received that picture at 235KB @ 1909x1080 and I received the picture at 405KB 1023x579.

Does anyone have an explanation for why it's coming in like that and a fix for it? This was on the stock texting program on the phones.

Also FWIW, when Handcent is installed and I send from the stock app to myself and Handcent recieves the picture, it comes in at 188KB @ 639x362. I'm no longer a Handcent user. None of the other SMS apps did this
I also just tested another picture that I sent to myself. It went out at 647KB @ 1088x1920 and came back at 258KB @ 435x767.

Any ideas?
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