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Originally Posted by lobserve View Post
Hi, I was playing with the HTC one at the ATT store and I was unsure about a few features. If current owners could answer a couple of questions I would appreciate it.

  1. Is there vibration (haptic?) feedback on the touchscreen when texting? I could not make it vibrate, except for the softkeys.
  2. Does the text on a webpage reformat when you pinch zoom? I could pinch zoom but then I had to scroll left to right. Is there an option to automatically reformat web pages?
  3. How good is the mic quality for phone calls? My current phone is actually a terrible "phone" as no one can understand me on the other end. I would like a smartphone that was actually good at making phone calls.

Any help with these questions would be appreciated
1) There IS a haptic feedback option in the keyboard settings.
2) That is browser dependent. I know Boat and Dolphin do. Unsure about the stock browser (I don't use it) nor Chrome (don't use often enough)
3) GREAT! My wife called me a while back from her One, and I thought something was wrong because I could ONLY hear her, and no road noise while she was traveling!

I love my One, and so far, my wife does, too, and she's HARD to please technologically speaking . I recommend it highly.

Originally Posted by Fine69 View Post
I have the messages screen all set up the colors I want im talking about the text message list of people im texting. Its white with black lettering. Id like to change its background as well.
Originally Posted by sikclown View Post
Ahh Gotcha. Nope. No way in the Stock Messaging app to do that. Maybe one of the other Text apps like Chomp, Handcent, or goSMS Pro will have that option.
Go SMS has that option, as well as different notification tones for contacts as well (I wish stock had it. I like it better except for THAT).

Originally Posted by gonowhere View Post
Nope, that's my only real gripe right now, ringtone and notification volume are grouped together. Guessing that's a new Sense thing.
Yep... No huge deal for me, tho, as I usually have it LOUD or silent for all.
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