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Originally Posted by tyneusch View Post
Ah you are right. I overlooked that little tidbit. I am on AT&T. So the number would be different per carrier.

HTC gave me their final test to run before I go back for an exchange of the phone. The Android Diagnostic Test. Dial *#*#3424#*#* and agree to terms. Then select the "Button Test" and run. Now if you do this, you notice that the buttons that it tests are the up/down volume and one soft key. Each time I have done it, I have had no issues BUT I am still having issues with hone and back at times.

I don't really think HTC knows what to do at this point or it isn't much of a concern. I am Leary about exchanging the phone and it happening on the new phone as well. I love the phone and will probably stick it out for a while as this will be tough to prove its happening in store if it is not an "everytime thing."
Super helpful info. I ran thru most of the tests and my phone appears to be working fine. The only I've had with my One since I got it Friday night is the back button not working. No other issues to report. But there's been several times where I've given up and just hit Home and reentered the application to rectify the issue. If my biggest issue is an intermittent back issue, I'm TOTALLY ok with it.
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