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Originally Posted by rushmore View Post
In this case though, Samsung did plan ahead and offer 32 and 64gb models. It is the carriers who choose to stock them or not. The larger sizes are offered per Samsung for the Octa and Qualcomm chipsets.

Verizon as example could easily set the large sizes up for online orders only and allow the CUSTOMERS that actually PAY them money to decide. Kind of like thinking ahead for themselves.
I wouldn't say Samsung thought ahead by offering the larger 32 & 64GB models, not when they will only release these larger storage models in bulk purchase.
That rules it out for most SIM Free sellers like Clove, Handtek and all.
With little mark up against high bulk purchase requirements even the carriers will not sell them SIM free.

It annoyed me when I heard Samsung were shifting the blame back to the sellers. A lot of the smaller Online and high street smaller shops don't have the buying power to purchase bulk orders.
At least with Apple if you require a larger storage model they make them readily available to all.
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