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Still no confirmation on if VZW will or will not. The only thing "known" is the 16GB is the only version for the carriers to ship so far. The question is was this due to the theory of "Samsung production focusing on one model", or is this all the carriers ordered (I did not think of this to ask at the time)? Even the 16GB version is supply constrained.

BTW, the Gottamobile assertion there will not be a 32GB is conjecture based on the assumption the 32GB S3 is being moved out of stores due to sales. The 32GB was moved from VZW stores in order to make room for newer models and position the 16GB S3 as a low cost entry device for the segment at $99 or less for a two year contract.

Nobody from Verizon of an official capacity has publicly stated there will not be a 32gb version offered. At&t though apparently have SKUs at least for the 32GB version, where as Verizon apparently does not....

I have read growing concern about the storage and pushback in regards to sales staff misleading customers about installing apps to the sd card. Since reading forums is really a bubble, I will not assume that reflects a general customer concern, but hope there is enough word clouding accumulation that it "forces" a release of 32GB versions at some point- if not planned now........ Yeah, right.
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