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Originally Posted by AndroidifyMe View Post
The reboot didn't help. I just unplugged my router then plugged it back in which fixed it. But what bothered me was all my other devices were working just fine. I've seen other stories on it for the HTC One (and previous HTC devices). If it does it again with my 14 day period I might have to swap for S4. I wanted the premium build, but I don't mind what Sammy has to offer either. All is good as of right now.
The issue you're describing - everything works on my network except my Android - has been reported for every Android, iPhone and iPad.

It's a common issue where the addressing tables in your router get screwed up.

Rebooting the phone or going in/out of airplane mode only causes the router to re-attempt. Sometimes it works, but it's not the mobile device at fault - it's the router.

Every. Time.

I promise.

Also, check out "Wifi Analyzer"

Make sure that you're not sharing a channel with other routers in your neighborhood, swipe screen left/right to see.

Never use the default network name on your router, you're bound to get a neighbor doing the same, sooner or later.

If your router has an actual reset button, use that, otherwise, yeah, go for at least a full minute without power.

Hope this helps!

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