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Originally Posted by bblackmoor View Post
I received my lovely (and exorbitantly expensive) HTC One today. It's a well made phone, attractive and solidly built. I was very pleased with it until I discovered it has no SD Card slot and, more importantly, no way to replace the battery!

Like most people, I assume, I am paying for this phone over the course of two years. As we all know, the Li-ion battery in a cell phone typically lasts a year or so. To put this into perspective, I have worn out and replaced three batteries in my previous phone before the phone itself died and needed replacing. (That's why I bought the HTC One.)

So now I have a phone that will literally not last as long as the payments on it. I would have returned it already if my previous phone hadn't died (meaning that I'll be without a phone for another week or more if I send this one back).

I can't express how disappointed I am. How on Earth could anyone think that making a disposable $580 phone was a good idea??
I have had smartphones for as long as the term smartphone has been around and have only had one Battery go bad on me. Three batteries on your previous phone? What phone was that? HTC did not hide the fact that it is an enclosed battery nor the fact that there is no SD card slot. Reading one review would have told you both.
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