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Originally Posted by JimKnuckles View Post
Hello all

I just got my first samsung. I swapped from the one to the s4 before my 14 days ran out. the one was a really great phone but I didnt get the camera performance I needed in day light for landscape shots etc... anyways

WHere is the autocorrect? The sense keyboard is much better as far as space is concerned. I see predictive text...but how do I turn on auto correct?

You cant place a period after a double space?

This little multitasking bar on the right says edit. I can take apps out...but how do I add apps. Instagram , evernote for example.

Can you not set a song as a ringtone and trim to the part you want?
Wow nobody had an answer to any of those questions? Lol

Nevermind the questions. I brought the galaxy back to sprint and they were nice enough to give me the One back.

I absolutely hated it. The keys are small and I had to type super slower than usual because it just couldnt keep up with me, and no autocorrect. I did like that the numbers were laid out at the top though.

I couldn't believe how poor the voice recognition is on the galaxy. I mean, it's just bad. Even on WiFi. I tried while driving to say one simple sentence and it just couldn't do it. Not even close. It got funny actually.. When I got home we said multiple sentences on WiFi and I think out of 15 tries, one was correct.

The performance overall was noticeably slower than on the One, or even my evo lte. Especially multitasking. But as for the reason that I swapped for it, the camera, I was very pleased. It takes very good photos.

With that being my one Samsung experience, I can't believe how popular that phone is. As I noted in my initial post, I wasn't extremely pleased with landscape shots in bright daylight on the One. I will gladly deal with that.

It just goes to show that when a company spends the big bucks on clever advertising, people will eat it up. Congrats HTC, you have the worst marketing team in the world. Because your product is FAR superior and you are being crushed.
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