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As a bit more info, I am seeing packets back to the phone getting blocked/ignore by the router. I created a connection to Google's streaming server on 443 and was able to stream almost exactly 60 seconds of a movie.

This has been a consistent issue (connections seem to go dead after 60 seconds).

The hub seemed to forget about this connection. After searching around for some similar stories, I found this:

(from a site I can't link to)

Here's what's happening:
TCP 3 packet handshake takes place
Client issues a data request
Client issues a FIN/ACK since its done transmitting info
Netfilter drops the state time out to 60 seconds
Server starts transmitting data back to the client
More than 60 seconds goes by
Netfilter removes the state entry
Server can never complete the data transfer and continually tries to
issue a FIN/ACK to close the connection
Netfilter drops all FIN/ACK's because the state table entry is gone

The work is ongoing...
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