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Originally Posted by bblackmoor View Post
I received my lovely (and exorbitantly expensive) HTC One today. It's a well made phone, attractive and solidly built. I was very pleased with it until I discovered it has no SD Card slot and, more importantly, no way to replace the battery!

Like most people, I assume, I am paying for this phone over the course of two years. As we all know, the Li-ion battery in a cell phone typically lasts a year or so. To put this into perspective, I have worn out and replaced three batteries in my previous phone before the phone itself died and needed replacing. (That's why I bought the HTC One.)

So now I have a phone that will literally not last as long as the payments on it. I would have returned it already if my previous phone hadn't died (meaning that I'll be without a phone for another week or more if I send this one back).

I can't express how disappointed I am. How on Earth could anyone think that making a disposable $580 phone was a good idea??
Firstly, like others have mentioned, doing 5 minutes of research will have told you this.

Secondly, the latest battery tech should last 2 years easy with almost no change in battery life. What the heck were you using before that went through 3 batteries? I can understand 1 going faulty but 3?

Thirdly, if something goes wrong with the battery within the life of your contract, call HTC and use that wonderful 2 year warranty they give with every phone to get it fixed.
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