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I'm in the same boat. I've currently got a 32gb GNex, which I've got loaded with applications for both work (senior level tech support) and play (father of one and techno geek extraordinaire).

I require, at bare minimum, a 32gb replacement, but would much rather purchase a 64gb model.

I cannot get over is the misinformation (by way of either ignorance or outright lying) from my local corporate Verizon store! The CSR argued with me that the 16gb could be expanded with the addition of up to a 64gb micro SD card, and apps moved/installed to it! I explained that they were incorrect, and asked them to stop misinforming

I'm with Verizon (great coverage in my area), and my local Best Buy rep swears that both the 32 & 64gb models are still planned, but could provide no date.

I remain hopeful.
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