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Originally Posted by CaptainRon View Post
A little off topic, but here's a gut wrenching video of a 747 freighter crash a couple days ago. I didn't know the crew, but they were US pilots. Apparently a large cargo pallet broke loose and slid to the back of the airplane.

Some accidents, like the one in Buffalo a few years ago, could have been avoided by a better pilot. But this one, there was nothing anyone could have done.

Boeing 747 Crash Bagram Airfield 29 APR 2013 - YouTube
Since Youtube is blocked at work & not sure if this is answered, but what effect does a large cargo pallet coming loose have on the plane.

Does it just make the tail end of the plane so heavy that it cannot stay up in the air? I didn't realize that the plane had to be packed a certain to fly consistently.
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