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Originally Posted by Stigy View Post
Since Youtube is blocked at work & not sure if this is answered, but what effect does a large cargo pallet coming loose have on the plane.

Does it just make the tail end of the plane so heavy that it cannot stay up in the air? I didn't realize that the plane had to be packed a certain to fly consistently.

Having the correct weight and balance load is more important than having enough fuel on board. Remember teeter-totters? If you had two kids of different weight you could still use it, but the heavy kid would have to sit closer to the middle to balance it out. In this case, the heavier kid basically slid to the end and the plane went out of balance.

Originally Posted by dreadnatty08 View Post
Ron, I saw that this morning on the news. Wow!
Nearly looked like it stopped mid air and then just nose dived. Did the engines break or something?

With the weight shift the nose went straight up. He quickly ran out of airspeed and the wing stalled (not enough airflow over the wind to generate lift) so then he plummeted to the earth. I normally hate when media uses the word plummet with airplanes because they rarely do. In this case, it did.
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