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Default HTC One Camera Hints

I've been on here reading a lot of posts and they've been helping me a lot. So, much so, that last weekend I made the impulse to upgrade my phone and get the HTC One from an old school Epic 4G (and I was preparing myself to get the photon q lol). I was planning on just testing it for two weeks and deciding if I wanted to return it for a lack of a keyboard, but it looks like this thing is growing on me, especially the camera, the ZOE feature, and general quickness of the phone.

With that said, I've been using the camera a lot, taking bunches of pictures, creating zoes, creating highlights, etc. and I've been enjoying the experience. The thing I noticed, though, that even though the phone is touted to work well in low light situations, I still sometimes take pictures that come out too dark in those situations. Also, they come out blurry sometimes, even with the burst shot to get the best shot mode.

So, I wanted to reach out to the community and see if there are any general camera settings, when you get to certain environments and situations, that are your go-to setting to get the most out of your camera and create the best image possible? I.E. HDR for outdoor shots, Macro for close up, Normal for day to day, etc. And also, any general use cases for ZOE that you've grown accustomed to up to this point. I.E. Do you use them strictly for highlights? Do you make a lot of Action Shots? Do you use them to find the best shots? etc.

I know this is a long post, but I'm kind of a talker and I wanted to let it all out, since I've been reading so much on here. I'm hoping this thread could turn into a sort of "Tips and Tricks for the HTC One Camera" thread. ) Thanks in advance for the help!
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