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It appears after reading the manual that all app settings are handled through the notification panel So in order to get to call settings you should click on the phone icon from the home screen, Slide the notification panel open then tap on the icon that looks like a cog/gear. That should get you into call settings. Can anyone verify this for me?

I just finished a conversation with one of my co-workers who is a long time HTC phone user. His current phone runs Sense UI version 3.6 and while he is making calls with his included headset the screen does not turn off and the power button does not terminate a call. After I explained what was happening with rscarawa's phone he advised that what he should do is press the home button when the screen goes off which will return him to the home screen where he can look up other things while still in the call. The Sense UI does not allow you to shut off the proximity sensor or stop the power button from turning off calls.

Once before I said I'd have to stop trying to help HTC users with their Android problems. Now after having a long talk with an HTC user I have to admit that there is really, really nothing I can do to help you folks. I always thought that Android was Android and what works on one phone with the the same OS would work for them all. Now I know for sure that HTC in all its wisdom has decided to run things their own way.
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