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So, I was going to mention this earlier, but when I got my phone, the battery was at 75 percent, in a matter of a few hours it was down to 20 percent, I figured it was just because I was updating, downloading, installing, and setting up my phone. I then threw it on the charger and went to bed, the next morning, I went to work. While in my pocket the phone became almost unbearably hot, and within three hours the charge was down to 40 percent, as far as Icould tell there were no apps running. I put it on a charger and let it charge while streaming from the Iheartradio app, after a few hours I took it off the charger and put it in my pocket. Since then I have not had any issues with it getting unbearably hot, and the battery life has been on par with what many of you are getting. What in the world was the 3 hours discharge and extreme heat thing all about?
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