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IMO Google pushes cloud because they mine it and not for any other reason. To be honest if there was no such thing as data caps cloud storage would be great. The reality is they do exist and local storage is always without question going to be faster.

Lots of folks are trying to sell cloud storage but always because of what they can get out of it. There is no free lunch, you always, always, pay for anything and cloud storage is no different. The people that provide it don't get their income from fairies that whip up green for their efforts, they get their income from selling your data. And yes, they parse through everything you upload and sell the information within.

When you think about it most people can make do with local storage which is hugely faster so long as it holds their music, the data they want portable, and the needs of the phone itself.

Cloud storage is not about helping you, its about selling you. Anyone who thinks otherwise is seriously misunderstanding what its about.
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