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Originally Posted by BzB View Post
even still, that screen image is pretty crisp. and the s4 screen size shames the htc one considering it is the 'bigger' device.
The One is a mm longer (with those speakers necessarily adding to length) but 2mm narrower, both to nearest mm. So you are right to put "bigger" in quotes.

Saw my first S4 yesterday. The owner was testing the camera at the time. I thought the screen colours were very badly off compared with what he was filming, but the owner had probably chosen different settings from what I would, so not really a test of the display. Most likely it just tells me I wouldn't like the defaults .

Was in shade, so can't comment on daylight visibility, though it was moderately reflective. The pattern on the back is very distinct (black model), the chrome band round the side was obviously plastic to my eyes, the overall size looked fairly compact. Not much more I could say without handling it.
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