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Originally Posted by scotty85 View Post
i can save a considerable amount F $$ by taking my 4 lines to t mobile,and when i do so,i intend to inform whomever i have cancel service the main reasons are:
1)slow updates to the intergation of all vzws bloat
2)their efforts to keep high end htc's off the unlock list
AT&T called me and asked my why I cancelled all of my services with them (U-verse, internet, phone, ect) and told me that if I came back that they could save me money. I told them that they would never see my money again, because I don't support companies that act like bullies. I told them that my money should be respected, and AT&T has a long history of NOT respecting their customers. I am soooo happy that I switched to T-Mobile. They have great customer service.

For example, last week when playing around with my HTC One I tripped the SIM Lock code. The phone stopped working. I needed another 8 digit code to be able to use it again. I called T-Mo and they told me that even though my phone was not a "T-Mo version" (it's the developers edition) that they would help me to restore it. They then looked up the process of how to restore my phone (**50* enter this number, press the pound key, etc) and walked me through it. They even gave me HTC's phone number in-case I needed any additional help. Several minutes later the phone was back up and running again. Thank you T-Mobile. I already know that if I had called AT&T that they would have told me that it wasn't their phone and just blown me off. Been there. Done that. Prefer T-Mobile
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