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Originally Posted by rushmore View Post
Does the One's display get taken up by a fixed navigation bar? If so, a BIG reason for me to not want anyway. That would mean for apps & games it is closer to a 4.2" display than 4.7". I do not see the point of a fixed nav bar taking display space on small devices. One of the few things Apple got right with the iPhone & iPad and their OS design.
Just as on the previous One X, the answer is mostly yes.

It's dynamic and won't appear if the app is following Google's standards to provide an overflow method.

Problem is - few do that.

And just as on the One X, root it and use a rom that overloads one of the existing buttons to serve as overflow/menu and that goes away.

Latest trick in the pipeline and developing rapidly is a kernel that recognizes the logo in the center of the One as the third button.

Many aren't bothered by losing screen real estate to the nav bar - with just one function, overflow (lmao) - but it drove me up a wall with mine last year.

My three buttons on my LTEvo now serve as six (tap + long-press) and that's fair enough for me, I've hated the three button approach all along, I don't care who does it.

I represent the rooting community in that regard - no one is going to build the phone I want anyway, so all I can do is pick a reasonable platform and then customize it.

That is certainly not a valid approach for everyone though.
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