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Default HTC to Samsung

HTC to Samsung

I had a rooted/Fresh ROM’d HTC Evo 4G, Evo3d, and Evo 4G LTE. Now I have the GS4, already rooted, custom recovery, and a few tweaks, so that is the background and I will be mostly comparing from what I am used to on my HTC. Of course you’ve all read lots of reviews on all the air/gesture/eye/great display stuff so I won’t repeat itunless asked. This will be more the little stuff that gets annoying over time.
The gs4 has options/menu’s and settings galore compared to the HTC. Want the bottom keys to stay lit 1.5 secs or 6 secs, there’s a setting for that. Want those silly ATT(GSM) texts to not break up when going to a Sprint(CDMA) phone, there’s a setting for that! Every standard app had more settings/options on the Samsung vs the HTC.

In stock form the JB GS4 had lag where my ICS Evo didn’t. Obviously this is not a hardware issue so I started freezing up and removing bloatware. If you aren’t going to root though you may notice this, although you can still disable stuff unrooted so maybe not.
Little things I miss. You can’t beat the HTC 4G lte camera with an F2.0 aperture and I imagine the new One is only better. The one thing I really don’t like in the GS4 camera is the panoramic mode. Where the HTC let you take set pics and stitched them together very well, the Sammy lets you pan like a video for a panoramic.This creates a very choppy pic. The Sammy camera has a smaller field of view so this is one feature wish was improved. The GS4 voice command to takes pics seems to work well with the ‘shoot’ keyword but not as consistent with ‘cheese’ which is the one you want to work unless you like the duckface look.

Another Ironic thing is the voice commands on the musicplayer like to pause it if you sing along because they must interpret certainlyrics as voice commands. I wonder if Vanilla Ice would stop playing before the first line.
That said the voice commands to play a certain song or pause it during playing are neat when that’s your intent.

The combined inbox is similar to HTC. One change I wish for is if you click on an email notification, then delete that email you’re back in only that emails single inbox instead of the combined inbox.
Having both the HTC and GS4 in the direct sun makes them both hard to see something I thought maybe would be gone with the Supercalifragilisticamoled display

The photo gallery imports Picasa pics by default which tooka second to search on how to undo and then clear cache. The photo gallery iconsaren’t uniform size like the HTC. Just takes a little getting used to. Again the gallery like everything else has way more settings then my ROM’d HTC.
Because of the resolution and I imagine it has to be thesame on the HTC One, some apps may not wrap text right. VNC viewer seems to stop working right after connecting which I hope developers fix.
If you get a text message sent to a group of people the GS4 actually tells you that and lists all the recipients, my HTC never did and thenI’d get random texts from other people I didn’t know replying to that person’s original text, so that’s a nice change.

I wish the power button was on top and not across from the volume because if you squeeze one your opposing fingers press the other side’sbuttons. I do like the USB port is back at the bottom vs my HTC.
The Evo3d had a nice non slip rubber backing. The Evo 4g lte was so slick it would slide out of my pocket lots of times when I was sitting down driving etc. I’m amazed I never lost it. I am SO glad the GS4 has a stickier plastic backing compared to the Evo 4g lte. Those that want a heavier phone that conducts heat go buy an iSomething. I’ll take this plastic over my ‘solidbuilt’ Evo 4g lte thank you.
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