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Damn I love this phone, it has already replaced my TV remotes, its buttery smooth, and the battery life in the half day I've used it puts my International One X to shame. Camera seems decent (though haven't had chance to properly test yet), and the screen and speakers are amazing. You really have to have this phone ion your hand to truly appreciate it.

Best looking and most premium feeling phone I have ever owned by quite a margin, and I have got none of the reported build quality issues with this one either (there is a gap at the top if I really look hard but I can't even fit my fingernail in it so yeah, not an issue)

Currently using the HTC flip case and I'm quite happy with that too.
Yes the case doesn't sit flush with the screen at all times (especially after its used as a stand) but if you just place it screen down or put it in your pocket for a couple mins and the issue is resolved. plus this time should reduce over time as well once the hinge loosens up.

Official car dock is probably the best made car holder I have ever seen as well (though the foam fastener used to fit it to a dashboard doesn't work that well due to the textured surface of my dashboard).

Gonna do some serious playing this bank holiday weekend.

edit - given that it's quite quiet at my work right now I have a fair amount of free time for have been running through a few things. Found a great way to rape the battery on this thing. reading manga online over a pretty spotty 3G connection. Lost about 27% battery in 45 mins with the stock browser running and the screen at half brightness with the power saver on...Guess for some reason doing this makes the processor run at full chat.
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