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Wow that is messed up. but I have experienced that as well. It must not been a spiffed phone or any signing bonus for them. I have that happen on my Optimus X a few years back, Walked in excited to purchase it and they wanted to sell me everything but this phone. When I did get it wow they took the air out of sails from that day on about my phone choice. This is why i like ordering it online. The website is nice to you only wants to sell you more things and cant wait to finish your purchase or over customer service. I feel good after my purchase. Whats also great I know my ups guy and he knew I ordered a new phone and was excited to get it to me. Banged on my front door for quite some time was in the back room and didnt even hear him. Then calling and they acted like I bought the best thing ever asked all these questions about it why I chose it and so on as we activated the new LTE sim card. I havent been happier about a new phone except for my Incredible back on Verizon. It saved my life so I do have a kinship with it. I just sold my Amaze 4g with accessories for more than I paid for it a year ago 230.00 which makes my upgrade out of pocket with free over night shipping 49.00
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