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Originally Posted by Frisco View Post
Did you do a true cache partition wipe? Could be, it's just that I see you left out holding the power button along with the other two (you probably did but didn't type it in your post). Obviously if you went to the recovery menu area and used the volume down key to navigate to "wipe cache" then my question is moot.

Meanwhile, my phone seems at least as fast and responsive as it was prior to the OTA. I'm wondering if the slow down you're seeing was going to come along anyway as a result of something configured in the apps/widgets etc, and the update just happened to come to the device at that time: that happened to me with my Fascinate, so I first blamed the update then decided to check out my auto sync of Weather Bug (which I'd just installed before the OTA, hated it enough to get Palmary Weather Pro) and other widgets I then set to manually sync on demand, etc.
Sorry I did forget that, I also held power.

Now I also should have mentioned this stutter (slowdown) is only in 1 game app so far, everything else seems like it was, absolutely No faster at all!
Now this game is archipelago, I have played this for a long time, and it's not a graphics intense game either.
The game did work perfect before but now it stutters, plays fine but the planes stutter now.
It did a little before, but nothing compared to now (not that the stuttering is bad, just noticeable now). Maybe it needs to be updated?
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