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Originally Posted by nlitenme View Post
The update went fine for me, but I added the NFC toggle to my notification tray & it doesn't actually toggle it. Would someone test it on theirs to see if it works? Thanks
Yup this seems to be one update someone screwed up on

Just tried my nfc and it does toggle it for me, yes I added it to the notification bar as you did.

But I also had phone issues at one portion of my day today, that has seemed to go away.

If I need to wipe this phone I'm going to root and get rid of that crap Verizon junk I hate, and driving me nuts, like the join Wi-Fi every time I'm on the road using maps.
Sorry for the rant
Thanks everyone
At least you all care.

there used to be a code on the phone to dial to turn the wifi notification on and off (comes defaulted to on) but ever since 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 all you have to do is go to settings and wifi and disable that notification, boy the things that get changed and never told to us.. not much reason now to root, phone seems to have settled in with the update.
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