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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
That s-off is for-pay only and no known details.

How do you know that they don't use htcdev as the first step?

Or are you referring to another unlocking method?
they are using jtag,wich requires complete disasembly to use special hardware to write partitions that normally wuld be write protected. jtag has been a viable means of resurecting bricked devices,and its fairly easy to turn the secure flag off during this process. only in this case,the phone is not bricked to start with.

the advantages:
-its done via hardware,so no other expoits or software are needed
-its independent of firmware,so it works no matter what,and you dont need to be rooted first.
-it will work,even if no other software methods are found, remember,the current methods require either a)an external sd card(unlimited) or b)the ability to be superCIDed(facepalm). the tegra 3 one x still has no s off,and they worked on the att one x fora year prior to finding the facepalm exploit. it is possible that a free software exploit will take several months or not happen at all.

-its not free
-you need to send in your phone,since the process requires disassembly
-they need to disassemble your phone. however, repairing phones is what these guys do for a living and theyre good at it. ive had 2 done by them and had good expereinces. call them and talk to josh if youre nervous about this aspect of it

the free part is irrelevant to me,as i always donate to the devs whose tools i use. not trying to push anyone into it,just get it across that it is a completely viable option if your impatient(like me ) and can live with the disadvantages.

my 2 cents anyway
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