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I really should get back into hardware hacking.... I used to poke around with the JTAG on lots of stuff just to see what I could get into.
Might still have the hardware someplace to do it... but that was in the days before you could buy JTAG interfaces..

Now, the author that wrote the article linked above makes a reference to you not deserving S-OFF if you paid for it is ignorant.
There are a few smart people on this forum that I know will agree with me that reverse engineering hardware is both expensive and hard. I have done it.
Manufacturers in a lot of cases don't exactly label the JTAG port OR the pads.
Finding them requires hours of research and visual inspection at times.

If you want to play, you gotta pay and that means if you want S-OFF right now, your sending it to someone that can use the JTAG interface to get you S-OFF.

Sorry I just don't like ignorant bloggers making comments that have no clue.
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