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Originally Posted by androidexpat View Post
This is the only website I have visited that has had 469 requests from Amazon from an application for my Firefox browser on my Macbook Pro Under Content it showed 469 requests.

Either major spam or something going on here..
We're hosted on Amazon S3 servers, the pages build incrementally due to the css setups and so forth, and there is a test for using the Tapatalk app, or if mobile browsing, a popup to let you know that we support Tapatalk.

Everything of ours will function with just fine with browser extensions for ad blocking or security.

If you ever see a security or malware alert on our site please email and admin will remove the offending content immediately.

That's rare but people sometimes post links to bad sites without knowing it.

If you're seeing something else -

You may also send in a copy of your web console showing the requests in question.

If it's more convenient, you can post the console results at and please title your thread "FAO Admin" - fao=for attention of.

Hope this helps!

PS - I'm going to move your posts into a support thread for you, I think that you'll get more input that way.

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