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Originally Posted by Abird! View Post
I have sprint and have not had any call issues. Sorry to hear you are though
I wonder if the towers in Hawaii are different/better. But Abird, please do listen closely while on a call (speaker phone). Listen for a background/hissing nosie at any point that the other person is talking. It goes away as soon as the person stops talking. Let me know what you find out. I mention that because the only other Sprint user that has the One (the Sprint store manager) had the same problem on his phone, but his response was "well, that noise doesn't bother me." At least he admitted he heard it.

Originally Posted by sean76 View Post
I have at&t and my ONE is rock solid in the call/phone dept. Calls are loud and crystal clear...Speaker phone works very well also.

I would deff port back to at&t though...I hated Sprint when I was with them and had the HTC EVO, they're support IMO was down right terrible next to the service also being very spotty here in NYC.
Crap!! It's too bad you are on the opposite side of the country. I would like to get together and try each others phones. I guess I should be more detailed on the issue, now that I see some responses. The person on the other end of the line is fairly clear. However, the background walkie talkie type noise is screwing the overall call quality up.
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