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Originally Posted by toolwarrior View Post
For those of you who followed the call quality issue I am having with my new One, I went back to the Sprint store today to discuss with them. Anyway, the store manager also has a new One that the store got as some kind of promo or something. We did some tests and In a quiet room, when talking with someone, it is like talking to them on a walkie-talkie. So now it comes down to this. Is this an HTC ONE issue or could it be related to Sprint and the customizations done to make it a Sprint phone. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone on AT&T that has a One who can check this.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. I only have 4 days left before I am stuck with the phone/new carrier. The closer I get to that end date, the more pressure I will feel to do something rash like port back to AT&T and go back to my old flip phone.
I performed the HTC Function Test v4.01.04g (DIALER > *#*#3424#*#*)
FWIW,when it came to the audio record & playback,listening to playback through the top speaker,I could hear the hissing quite clearly.Not sure if this is the same as to what you're hearing,but,when the test is repeated & using a wired headset,the hissing/white noise disappears.

BTW,everything else checked out OK on my handset.

If you want to perform the system-wide 100% diagnostic test,have a wired headset, B/T headset & a flat surface available.

Not sure if the hissing on playback directly relates to what you hear on a phone call;any input from others more schooled on the subject is definitely welcome.
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