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Originally Posted by wenzitmyturn View Post
No, Not really. I have already set upmy phone with pop 3 and my emails download from the server. They stay on the server because I have ticked the leave a copy on the server, BUT because they have already downloaded once, outlook cannot download them as well. When My Desire S worked, I had the same problem initially but after hours of trawling, on a forum similar to this one, I found that it wasn't actually possible, but a 'workaround' was suggested which involved the insertion of a word into the account settings. from my memory, that word was recent I have tried adding this into the account details, but it just gets rejected as being 'invalid account'. Now the obvious and easiest solution would have been to look at the settings on the Desire S and see exactly what I had done, but that mobile is dead and so I can't switch it on to look. This is really frustrating because i know I can have what I want = I've already HAD it!! I hope i have been clear, but if it would help to give more details, please ask
The only way I can think of achieving your end goal of both devices being able to download the emails without preventing the other (i.e. because the server says they've already been downloaded) is to set the accounts up in Outlook and on your phone as IMAP accounts, instead of POP3 accounts (assuming your accounts can be set up as IMAP accounts - not all can).

With IMAP accounts, the server becomes the main source, and each computer/phone keeps a synced copy of the server locally. Changes (clearing read flag, deleting, receiving) made on any device are reflected on all of the others.

This is how I've set up my accounts in Outlook, on my HTC One X and Nexus 7.

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