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I posted this in another forum and seems fitting here as well:

Our perspective/semantic debates are wasting energy in the wrong place. Channel the energy directly to Samsung and the equally wrong information pushing carriers. Simply put, sd cards are NOT going to increase app storage space and the carriers need to be pressured to offer at least the 32gb models. Give their CUSTOMERS that PAY them the CHOICE, rather than have the "let them eat cake" self anointed attitude toward their "peasant" customers. Dramatic? A tad perhaps.

The simple fact is Samsung and the carriers are spreading false information and need to be called out on it. Complacency will get us nowhere but 8/16gb S4 models. Who is to say the same level of ignorance is not also at the level of people making the carrier decisions of what size models to carry? Assume not? There is an acronym for assume.
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