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Originally Posted by serge183 View Post
Ok I just got the Galaxy s4 and I connect to my WI FI it stays connected for about 2-4min then disconnects and it also keeps scanning for connections if I turn wi-fi off and on i'll get about another 2-4min b4 it quits again i'm still connected to router and strong signal but phone wont do anything as far as data
Hello and welcome, serge.

Does your S4 behave the same way no matter which wifi network you're using? If you have not tested that yet, it might be a good idea to do that because if it's just one router with the issue, well, that might be the issue: the router.

It could be a setting in the router or it could be firmware needing to be updating. Routers have a provision for updating the firmware somewhere in their settings area.

Some find success by resetting the router, often via a tiny pinhole which you insert a pin or other small thin object. Some have a reset button, and some are reset by merely unplugging them from the power source (along with the router/data cables) and waiting a full minute, then plugging back in.

But again, first tell us if the phone is ok on other networks or not. If it shows that behavior across more than one wifi network, we may have some configuration to do or a factory data reset.

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