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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
If it's offered for the SGS4 -

Activate Dropbox on your phone - open the app, create an account - then on your Mac or PC visit, sign in, and then go to

Follow the simple steps to claim your free storage.
Originally Posted by Pandamedic View Post
I logged onto drop box from the GS4 and then it gave an option to link it ot he samsung. I said yes, then i got an email from drop box how to claim the extra 48gb free.

There's a list of 7 stuff you have to do to get it free. you dont need all but thee is a minimum of 5 i think!!!!

1. Take the dropbox tour
2. install onto computer
3. put files on drop box
4. install onto other computers you us
5. share a folder with friends
6. invite someone to join drop box
7. install onto mobile device

once you do all that you get the extra 48gb free for only 2 years

I have all 7 of those steps completed, even got a couple friends to join. I have it installed on my GS4, it was one of the first apps I put on there. Still only sitting with 3GB of space total. Could it be because I have it installed on multiple mobile devices other than my GS4?
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