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Originally Posted by SulkyAndroid17 View Post

MTP isn't installed in any linux distro I'm using and my phones show up as Mass storage. It was my understanding that if your device had a SD card you could still use Mass storage. Only devices like the Nexus line without removable storage were forced to use MTP.
It's vendor-dependent - but Jellybean says no way, and anyone conforming to the Android standard is removing USB mass storage mode.

I've an HTC One X-type that under ICS gave me a choice of MTP or USB for my sd card. With the Jellybean update for HTC, the USB mass storage option was removed.

And as mentioned by 007shark, the exact same thing happened with his Motorola when it updated to Jellybean.

This is the second time you've tried claiming that USB mass storage mode has not been removed from Android.

As chanchan05 said earlier - yes. Yes, it has.

If you've got a Jellybean device still offering UMS, then you have a non-conforming device. Personally, I wouldn't expect it to see it much longer.

But if a vendor wants to provide a different support model for their devices, they certainly may.

But that's vendor support, not Android support.


PS - if you use a minty-fresh Linux, it's easy to add, and MTP is now included with Ubuntu 13.04.
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