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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
Out in the world, you have more phone freedom and a direct connection to Samsung, Beards.

Here in the US, if you're on Sprint or Verizon for example, there is no such thing as model directly from Samsung in any way.

Thanks to a combination of divergent radio technologies being used and our own copyright laws (I know, makes no sense, it's a long story, but yeah - copyright laws), you cannot buy a Sprint or Verizon phone from anyone other them or one of their vendors. They dictate in the US which models are supplied from our point of view.

If Sprint or Verizon orders none, none are available.

If they try to order from Samsung and can't get orders filled, we never know about it.
Yes, I appreciate the UK market have a different hold and control on the mobile market to the US.
However, we still though do not have any direct access to individual orders outside of what Samsung sell to the Carriers and Wholesalers.
Samsung blame these two for lack of products when in truth is they will not sell unless purchased from Samsung in bulk. Something which puts orders out of reach to many of the general SIM Free sellers.

I just wish Samsung would either allow Online sellers to purchase in smaller numbers or allow individuals to purchase direct at Samsung, just like Apple allow you to do.
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