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Originally Posted by bobby2478 View Post
That's what I thought too, but when you read the terms and conditions, it's hard to tell if they also need it for the used one to prove you own it and it isn't stolen. And they say if for any reason you don't meet terms and conditions they keep your phone and send you $0. So it's a good thing to make sure before you put your used device in the mail. Once it's in the mail it's gone and you can't get it back.
Hmm, I'll have to shoot them an e-mail. The terms and conditions have two contradictions. But when you print off the shipping label it says

Your product
This shipping voucher
Valid proof of purchase for your new HTC device"

It says nothing about the proof of purchase for the old phone, but if they had wanted that, I could have produced it. I tend to keep receipts for major purchases until I no longer have said purchases. If they did need it they will get an ear full from me.
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