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Originally Posted by marctronixx View Post

appreciate your enthusiasm.

I think that the site being not as busy is because the ONE is such a SOLID phone that there is not much needed to ask about. People usually don't come online to post positive things about something--they normally show up to ask questions.

This phone is literally around the world and for this site to not be ridiculously busy is, to me, a good thing. People are just out enjoying their new device.

Sorry man, I don't agree! I've been here for many years and am also a member of another forum that will remain anonymous that happens to be really really busy with this phone. However one thing has nothing to do with another...I'm just saying.

No offense but people like to conversate about positives, not only negatives which IMO lead to alot of arguing.

However lately, more then ever...I see a huge amount of new threads being merged with other threads, and that's fine if it's about the same subject.

Either way, that's fine. I would like to post more often, but as of late it seems extremely quite in here so I figured that my thread would give ONE owners a little boost and a place to post that's not per say a review thread, but just a place to discuss the ONE.
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