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I think what is missed in this thread is that it's not just choice given by Samsung, but what space the carrier and their inventory has to hold the phones. That's a pretty huge deal and Samsung has to fight with HTC and other Android brands to compete for space - and whether or not the carrier wants to have an inventory for versions that won't sell as much. Yes, I do believe 32gb and 64gb version would not sell as much as the 16gb. In my experience with iPhones - (and I do have all of them except for the 3G and 4S) - at the outset, the ones that there always seemed to be an inventory of was the 64gb and then the 32gb. The 16gb always sold out. The typical person does not install as many apps that we on this forum do. I have a colleague at work that opted for the 32gb GS3 last year because I told her to and I checked her phone last week and she had well over 20gb of free space. Yes, it was just $50 more, but it is space that she is never going to use.

So, I think as much as there is 'misinformation' from the sellers - the demand for the 32gb and 64gb isn't there for carriers as it is for the 16gb version. All of us in this forum are atypical users. That's just how it is from what I see. I'm thinking they are seeing how much of the 16gb they can sell and then consider releasing a 32gb is they feel the demand is there.

I personally think it's less Samsung and more the carriers. Samsung isn't going to make a phone that carriers won't inventory and support.
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