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Originally Posted by patch321 View Post
I was hoping to get a black HTC One. I have had a black iPhone 5 and had HUGE problems with keys and coins in my pocket chipping off the black paint on the aluminum. Is this a problem on the one?
My black One has a screen lift and separation near the volume buttons. No coloring issues.

The black One is not painted, rather, I suspect the main aluminum body has received an electrochemical surface treatment as used on prior HTC devices like the Evo 4G LTE (One-X) and HTC One-S. See this post for further information on this process: | HTC One - Release Date thread - Post # 119
This surface is very hard and does not scratch very easily in normal situations like riding in pockets or purses.

My black One's main body looks and feels nearly identical to my black Evo 4G LTE's main body. Helping to further support my theory.

It sounds like the problem is not the device, manufacturer, paint, or other coloring processes, rather how you carry your phone. Dropping the phone will mar the black surface (my Evo 4G LTE has one knick on the side from a drop), and carrying the device in a pocket with coins and keys will likely not immediately hurt the main body surface, but over time could cause issues on the edges of the device. It is not recommended that you carry this device in a pocket with loose coins or keys.
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