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Thanks for your in-depth reviews!

I had a Seidio Active case and holster for my GN2. I liked it pretty well. Would the Active case and holster for the GS4 be the same as for the GN2? I was a bit concerned about wear on the soft rubber inner case of the GN2 because that was what the holster rubbed against to secure it in the holster. Is that a concern with the Active or Convert case/holster combo for the GS4?

What is the difference between the Active combo and the Convert combo? In addition, I see there's a Convert kit to transform a Surface into the Convert. Does the Convert add more bulk to the phone than the Active or Surface case?

The kickstand has its uses. But it also prevents being able to flip the phone face out while still in the holster, as I occasionally like to do. I don't see an option to have an Active or Convert case without the kickstand so that the phone can be reversed in the holster.

I wish they made a holster that would work with a minimalist case. I like the option of putting the GS4 in a belt holster or sliding it in my back pocket.

In contrast, my Speck Candyshell case is just too slick to suit me. When I have the phone laying face down and try to pick it up, it's a challenge to do so unless I slide it to the edge of the table so I can grab it better.
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