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Originally Posted by crabman View Post
Its from stock android where the settings are also available so long as you access developer which is also hidden there as it is here. So Uncle Google has provided these settings for reasons unknown to me anyways. It is interesting that these were not disabled by default as the phones hardware is easily capable of swapping loaded screens as fast as you can swipe your finger. Maybe one of the smart guys will chime in.
If it's Google as you mention, that that would make sense I suppose as they would set the "ideal" settings for a wide variety of devices, including a large number of them not as powerful as the S4. Which would lead me to believe that Samsung wasn't aware of this or didn't notice it, as they would have had the option in their tweaked version of Android to get rid of this delay since the S4 hardware is obviously powerful enough to handle the animations and transitions without requiring any delay. Hope this is on their list of things they can address in a future update so people don't have to remember to go tweak these settings that aren't necessary on a device as powerful as the S4.
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